Everyone won't see your struggle, They will only pay attention to your come up and tell others that they had some part to play in it. Only a few believe in you and your dream, there is a lot of bystanders waiting, not knowing by pushing someone else to their destination sets them up also for success. Sometimes in Life you only have yourself and that's not good at all because then you will not be able to trust or help someone else in their process. See a lot of people talk but pay attention in their actions, meaning they will pay $500 to see Jay- Z  or even take a trip to see Janet but won't support you with a $1.00 or come watch you perform because they say your tickets are too high. See the ones who already their don't need that kind of support because their bills are already paid and are in their dream, but your living pay check to pay check and job to job and people are steady telling you to be out about something and you have a dream that can change the world. From me to you I will continue to encourage you to strive and do your best, cause I do you know your struggle.

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