I want to show my fellow DJ's some love and that I've been hearing your complaints. The reason why people are disrespecting DJ's today is because their are so many who claim to be hungry but don't want to wait in line for their time, so they under cut the seasoned DJ who does this for a living. When you under bid your showing disrespect to yourself and the craft. It's not just about the night of the event, it's also about how much time  you put in before the event. You have DJ's who only touch their equipment once and awhile due to it's a hobby and a gig or two is just a plus. The seasoned DJ lives on he's equipment. 

Then you have DJ's who are on the radio who get booked on a regular, due to the exposure they get from the station. Some stations don't pay their DJ's due to they get the exposure. They treat them as an intern and most of these DJ's start branding themselves, getting sponsors, becoming producers.

People look at DJ's now like why should I pay a seasoned DJ $800 to $1500 and you don't do anything but push buttons. Don't get me wrong I understand that you don't want to carrying the turntables, but why? we were doing it for years and carrying creates of records, speakers,amps and for those of us who took it a step further carried light systems. Saying this people saw what we were bringing and now most of us are bringing less, so to people they feel they should pay less.

The clubs use to be a good way to make some money, you could bring home about $3000 a month or more. Now they want to pay less in some areas, they feel they brought everything and all the expenses are on them, especially if a fight breaks out and someone gets hurt. Who is responsible for that, they are, that's what most DJ's say. They owner looses money and their insurance goes up or gets dropped and tagged for being a bad spot.

So for the new DJ's who are on the rise, this is why we don't under cut each other especially the seasoned DJ's, they have dealt with a lot from the night club owners,radio stations,promoters and clients. We should be working together under one establishment, to where the DJ's control the night. Now you have record execs and artist wanting to dis mantel what DJ's do and have been doing for years, so to my fellow DJ's get together become a UNIT there is a lot of work out there and if we can do that, we can take it back to the way it was.



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