Man I remember classics like What's Going On, Wake Up Everybody, Take It Easy, I Am Woman, Let's Stay Together, Where Is The Love,One Nation Under A Groove, Tell Me Something Good, I'll Be Around, Living For The City, Family Affair, We Are Family, Easy, I Take You There, Happy Feelin's, Lean On Me and Good Times. These songs would give us inspiration to continue on through the fight, we would laugh,dance and uplift one another. These songs were before there time. As we listen to the radio today, the only thing here know is how much money one has, how many women they have slept with, how much weed one smoked and how many guns one has and what they are willing to do with it. We are killing our selves inwardly and outwardly by what we are listening too. There is nothing wrong with expressing ones self, But when it comes to the children and all they have to look up too is Rappers.Then there is a problem. We need to once again be a village for our communities, cities and the world. We use to come together through the music. Cookouts, Basement Parties, Rent Parties, Dollar Parties. After a trying week we would go to the Clubs and Dance that week off or the Stress, Anxiety, Depression and if it wasn't the clubs we would go Roller Skating. What I'm saying is the Music got us through some tough times and the World today is trying to take that away from us because they make more money with us being Depress, having Anxiety, Being Stressed out, to where we hate the World and the people around us. The reason why there is a rise in crime is because of the kind of Money Crime brings in. Let's get back to the Love Over Board, Love On A Two Way Street, Sideshow, Rappers Delight, 8 Million Stories, The Show, Overweight Lovers In The House, Only U, Ladies First, Got To Be Real, Best Of My Love, House Is Not A Home, If This World Was Mine and Pick Up The Pieces so we can once again love of Neighbor and each other. When One Go We All GO


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