The Big Talk is the Election. The real talk is about money. As you look around you see the so-called Celebs saying they are voting for Trump all because they want to secure their money. They don't care anything about the common man, although the common man is the one who buys their concert tickets and their music as well as supports their movies when it comes to their lifestyle that's due to their fans they could care less about you. When we as the people wake up and realize this that will be the day we will stop supporting those who don't support us back. We need to stop spreading oh this celeb gives back or this one has donated this amount of dollars. People Wake up it's about business their accountants tell them how much to spend due to taxes. They do not do it because they want to, now some don't get me wrong but the majority don't. This is why we need to support each other cause no one else will. 


Appreciation is not always about what someone can do for you, but what you can do for someone else. At times we are so focused on the things that are in, what is called a Fade. We pay so much attention to fashion trends, social trends, celebrity trends, and forget about those who we call on when we need something. We need to show those people some appreciation because everyone loves to be appreciated every now and again. Reach out to someone that you may not have talked to in a while and tell them you appreciate them as a matter of fact look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you appreciate you.

Love Dymondkutz


There will be times when you feel as though you're alone in your journey and you may feel weakened, others would say that is when you reach out to someone, not knowing that there are people who will use your vulnerable state against you. We all have struggles in life, but each one is different although they may seem the same, they are not. For those who may not have that support system set in place, you have to dig down and inspire, motivate, encourage, and have that discussion with yourself that you can do whatever it is to reach your goal. Talent has no expiration date no matter what one may say. Everyone is not meant to live life the same way, but we all are supposed to respect life. There is no man above another when it comes to living. Love yourself, because others will say they love but only on their terms never yours.



The world has too many distractions that are keeping people from seeing what's really going on. I'm not saying everyone is distracted, just the inner city, the neighborhoods that are at the poverty level. This has been designed to keep us from reaching our full potential. Families fighting every day to survive, to be able to provide for there family and forgetting about dreams of their own, but without knowing they're fulfilling someone else's dream, and this causes a disconnect to our children and those around us that we should be helping and uplifting to be able to reach our dreams. We have been told throughout our lives if you don't have any money it's not going to happen. Well, money is not what makes things move, people do. In business it's all about are you beneficial to the company, are able to help this particular company to move forward. We should look at our circles as such. Do we have the right people around us to get to the next level and stop worrying about what it is you can get out of it? We should be pushing each other and out of that, we would see some of our dreams forming and being proud of one another achievements instead of breaking each other down. Each day we should be saying who can I help today, or bring a smile to someone's face, encourage, inspire, and with that knowledge, you were able to help build up your community.


There are people around you who don't take what you do seriously, due to that lack of support for what they believed in. The entertainment industry has a lot of hurt people in it and I'm finding out that most have the same thing in common and that is the lack of support because the common person doesn't believe you have what it takes to be in the industry and if that was true have of us wouldn't be where we are today. See it's easy for people to respect a doctor, lawyer, judge, fireman, and police officer, but won't respect an individual with a dream. Every company, business that you see had someone behind it with a dream, but yet we support that establishment. Why? because it's already built, we as people are lazy and don't want to put the work in it, but ready to claim it when it's done. We have to learn that we are killers and responsible for some of the suicides in this world. Everyone isn't meant to sit behind a desk, for if it was there wouldn't be anyone to make us laugh, dance, sing, draw, paint,  or enjoy that favorite movie. Life itself would be boring without the arts. If you know of someone who is in the arts whether you like it or not support them it doesn't hurt or make you less of a person, in fact, it's your blessing. 

Choose A Side 

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                                    In business as well as in life we all must choose aside. I know that most of us follow a code and that code is loyalty, but must loyalty come with a price, as the price that can cost you not to be where you would like to be due to your loyalty.

Being loyal can cost you everything because of who you are surrounded by. Friends will use the loyalty card to get a so-called discount out of you not thinking about your family and how many mouths you have to feed. See we have to choose what side we are on and that may cause us some friends, but a true friend wouldn't ask that of you but support whatever it is that you are trying to build. See money chooses a side for you even if you may not agree with the side. The old saying is money is power and the power belongs to the Republicans. Democrats are the workers the ones who keep the money going.

Look you may not like them but think about it if you had to choose between being without and coming from that are you willing to give that up. See most work for republican companies and don't realize it, due to they didn't do their homework before applying for the job. The job comes with the full benefit package, sick leave, vacation, pension, health insurance, bonuses, and personal days. I ask you would you leave a job like that or stay. For most people they want it both ways and you can't you have to choose one. Where does your Loyalty stand?

The Hold Back 

People claim to love you but are not willing to tell people about you or willing to accept your dreams. Would you consider them to be a friend or foe? Just because I might not like an idea or what your doing as long as it is legal I will support you. There is no harm in telling someone, hey I know a painter or plumber especially if you don't do it. See if it's one's business it's your job to expose them due to their part of you. We as people tend to forget we are supposed to help one another and hold each other back enabling one's success.